The Latvian Institute provides wide variety of printed and digital informative materials about Latvia. Informative materials include fact sheets, booklets and brochures, videos, presentations and photographs. All informative materials are available free of charge for distribution in various foreign languages and can be used to present Latvia in informative, non-commercial expositions and in international conferences within Latvia or abroad. To receive informative materials, please fill the form, indicating the purpose for using materials, which materials are you interested in as well as the necessary amount. In accordance with the Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law, we would like to inform you that your data will be used only for the evaluation of the  informative materials request, and we confirm that your data will be carefully stored and will not be disclosed to third parties.


The Latvian Institute supports and administrates Latvia’s official informative portal, which provides wide information in foreign languages about the state, society, history, culture, nature and economy for the audience abroad. The informative materials and photo gallery can be found in section Resources of web portal


LI is open for cooperation in preparing and publishing informative materials. For more detailed information, please contact us: or +371 67503639.



Brochures, fact sheets, booklets, videos, digital presentations and photographs (hereinafter – informative materials published on the LI webpage and the official portal of Latvia are the property of the Latvian Institute and thus are subject to the Copyright Law.

Informative materials can be downloaded, published, stored, archived, and distributed without the consent of the LI if it is done for informative, educational or research purposes, as well as for analytical reviews or news releases. Informative materials can’t be modified, altered and processed. Informative materials can’t be published in a manner that discredits Latvia, the Latvian Institute and the people appearing in the material or if it misleads the viewer about the circumstances in which the material was taken; moreover, the material cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes.


When publishing informative materials electronically, it is desirable to include a hyperlink to the source – for example, the portal. When publishing informative materials, it is mandatory to give credit to the author or right-holder.


Non-compliance with these regulations will be considered a violation of copyright and property rights. Depending on the nature of the copyright violation and consequences thereof, the violator will be held criminally or administratively liable in accordance with the law. The use of informative materials for any other purposes should be coordinated with LI via e-mail