The Latvian Language Agency has developed a new online resource to help people everywhere take their first steps in the Latvian language.
Named e-Laipa, (e-Footbridge) it is intended for adults learning Latvian and can take them through some of the basics of the language to A1 and A2-rated proficiency.
Also, a comprehensive machine translation service - - for the Latvian public sector, enabling multilingualism in the government's e-services has been created. Built by "Tilde", the service provides automated translation of texts, full documents, and websites from Latvian to English and vice versa, as well as from Latvian to Russian. Via API, the service is fully integrated into public sector platforms and websites, enabling multilingual access to e-gov information and e-services. The service is also integrated into Latvia’s e-services platform, Users can also suggest new translations, continuously improving the MT service with new data.