Treasures of Latvia: best export brands

Treasures of Latvia: best export brands

Have you ever considered that some of the most simple, most ordinary things that you take as granted in your everyday life could be produced in Latvia? Like windows you are looking through, doors you are passing by, pipelines that are an integral part of any building, packages that you tear off your purchases, bed linen and towels that caress your skin, eggs on your breakfast table and pasta you eat for lunch? Yes, they might as well be. Explore the realm of Latvian export stars via the new website, www.treasuresoflatvia.com, and get acquainted with the producers of above-mentioned goods as well as some more eccentric ones, for example, clothing for floorball goalkeepers, shamanic hats and wind tunnels.


August 23 – the Baltic Centenary Way videoproject launch at dawn

August 23 – the Baltic Centenary Way videoproject launch at dawn


On August 23,2107, the sound of drums by the National Library of Latvia will wake Rīga up at dawn 06:07 a.m, signalling the launch of the videoproject, Baltic Centenary Way. With the participation of people from various parts of the country, three symbolic birthday cakes will be delivered from hand to hand to our neighbours – Lithuania, Estonia and Finland – as our greeting on their centenaries. Organized by the Latvian Institute, the event takes place on the anniversary of the historic Baltic Way.


“On August 23, 1989, the three Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined hands in the Baltic Way, sending a message to the world that we condemn the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and manifesting our right to freedom. We regained our independence thanks to our unity, and today we wish to thank our neighbours and Finland for the opportunity to celebrate centenaries of our statehood and to build the future of our nations during the coming 100 years,” says Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.


The three cakes, baked by a famous Latvian cake baker, Liene Zemīte, who has inherited the century-old cake recipe from her grandmother, will start their journey to Lithuania, Estonia and Finland at dawn on August 23. The cake journey will lead along the historic Baltic Way route by various means of transport – bicycles, vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, SUP boards – to be passed from hand to hand until they reach their final destinations, Lilli-Unguri on the Estonian-Latvian border, the town of Biržai in Lithuania, and Helsinki in Finland.


The journey will be filmed to create a video greeting to Lithuania, Estonia and Finland on their centenaries. The director of the video is Lauris Ābele (Tritone Studio), production management by DDB Worldwide Latvia.


For more information:

Paula Prauliņa, Head of Communication (ph: +371 67503653, e-mail: paula.praulina@li.lv)


How can you Jog Latvia in the World?

How can you Jog Latvia in the World?
  1. Download Endomondo or any other app that allows creating routes.
  2. Open the app, create a profile, if necessary, and open the “create route” option.
  3. Look at the map of Latvia and draw it’s contour as precisely as you can in your selected city or area, adapting it to the local roads, streets, parks and paths.
  4. Save the created route and go run/walk/ride it! In the starting point, make sure that the app is marking the selected route.
  5. When the jog/walk/ride is over, share this accomplishment in the social media using the hashtag #izskrienLatviju, photos and a reminder that everyone can enjoy this awesome way to get to know their city, be more healthy and honour Latvia and its Centenary!

The premade routes you can find here.

If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us: info@li.lv


Latvia officially starts its Centenary celebrations on May 4, 2017

Latvia officially starts its Centenary celebrations on May 4, 2017

Planting of 100 oaks along the border of Latvia, jogging or walking routes resembling the geographic contour of Latvia anywhere in the world and celebrating around white-clad tables with friends and family are the key opening events of Latvia’s Centenary celebrations starting on May 4, 2017.


Embrace Latvia

The Centenary celebrations will begin at 9 a.m. on May 4 at Latvia’s farthest points to the North, South, East, and West – in Ipiķi, Demene, Pasiena, and Nīca respectively – with the Embrace Latvia event. One hundred oak trees with special Centenary markings will be planted along the Latvian border, symbolically accentuating the unity of the Latvian people. 


Consequently, many of the territories around the Centenary Oaks are to be developed, creating symbolic gateways to Latvia. Significant historical sites will be highlighted in a number of territories. In several locations, the planting will take place in cooperation with the neighbouring countries – a group from Lithuania will take part at Rundāle and Priekule, Estonains will participate in Ainaži and Rūjiena, and Belarussians will join the festivities in Krāslava.


White Tablecloth Day

To honour the courageous statesmen who united the Latvian people on the road to an independent state a century ago, on May 4 the Latvian people, together with friends, relatives and colleagues, will gather around white-clad tables for the White Tablecloth Day. The white tablecloth is a symbol of self-confidence and pride, and the essence of the celebration is to be together and to communicate, to honour old traditions that emphasize the Latvian cultural heritage as well as culinary traditions.


May 4 also marks the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Latvia in 1990, passed by the majority of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Latvia, renewing the country’s independence from the Soviet rule.


The White Tablecloth Day involves a number of public events throughout the country, as well as in the capital city, Rīga. The Esplanade Park and the linden alley opposite the Cabinet of Ministers will host poetry-readings, a silkscreen workshop and dance performances. Those favouring active lifestyle will be invited to jog, walk or cycle a 3 km route around the city centre resembling the contour of Latvia.


Jog Latvia in the World

On this day, Latvians and friends of Latvia are invited leave virtual imprints of Latvia around the world by jogging, walking or cycling a route resembling the geographic contour of Latvia. Be it a marathon, a half marathon, or a shorter distance around your town or city, challenge yourself for Latvia – use one of the 20 routes designed by the Latvian Institute together with the Virtual Club of Runners “Noskrien.LV”, or put together one of your own on your favourite sports app and use the hashtag #izskrienLatviju. Share it with friends, family members and neighbours.


Those interested in a light jog in Riga, are invited to take part at the Jog Latvia in the World event in the linden alley opposite the Cabinet of Ministers, from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m. on May 4, 2017.



Latvia’s Centenary

In 2018, Latvia celebrates a hundred years since it became an independent state. With festivities at home and all around the world in the period of 2017 to 2021, with the culmination on November 18, 2018, Latvia will present the best it can offer in culture, lifestyle and innovation.


Photo credits:

Ministry of Culture of Latvia / Reinis Oliņš  


Edgars Skvariks

LV100 Media coordinator

Latvian Institute

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For additional information and quotes on the opening of Latvia’s Centenary celebrations, please contact:


Linda Pastare

Latvian Centenary Office, Head of Public Relations

Ministry of Culture

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