Honouring Latvia’s new role as Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Latvian Institute has released an interactive dance simulator „Keep in step with Latvians”, allowing to join in a traditional Latvian folk-dance and celebrate the beginning of an important six month period.

The dance simulator was created as an application in Latvia’s official Facebook page “If You Like Latvia, Latvia Likes You” to mark the transition among two significant events as Rīga says farewell to its title of European Capital of Culture and Latvia assumes the Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Link to the application: “Keep in step with Latvians”.


The newly made application “Keep in step with Latvians” gives an opportunity to learn moves of the Latvian folk-dance “Spriguleits” by clicking through challenging 195 dance steps while only using finger dexterity.

At the same time, a real-life dance floor in the headquarters of the Council of the EU in Brussels has been placed, showing the actual steps of the same dance for anyone interested to actually jump through.


“Our game showcases the viability and presence of traditions in Latvia and serves as a symbolic relay from the European Capital of Culture to the Presidency period,” tells director of the Latvian Institute Karina Pētersone. “The game also incorporates two priorities of the Latvian Presidency – innovation and digitalization. This product demonstrates Latvian competence in design and digital solutions.”

While the Presidency is an opportunity to contribute to the political agenda, it is also a chance to inspire the European public by offering a wide and outstanding cultural programme.

“Keep in step with Latvians” has already been played by more than 1150 people, by whom 175 000 steps have been danced. That is the equivalent of 50 times the distance between the new National Library Building and the Monument in Rīga.


 „If you like Latvia, Latvia likes you” has gathered 75 000 likes from people around the world, which allows to cover an audience of more than half a million users worldwide.