Together with the Embassy of Latvia in Finland, on July 19 the Latvian Institute will participate in the Suomi Areena public debate forum in Pori, Finland. Our theme of the day – the Centenary of Latvia and a new “Greenovative” vision for the development of the country.

Together with Latvian Institute, three very interesting lecturers will climb the stage to explain how the concept applies to their work. Mr Talis Juhna, the Vice-Rector for Research and innovation leader at Riga Technical University as well as the head of the Green Technology incubator board will explain how the universities can participate in the development of green innovations. About innovative approach to environment – and especially the Baltic Sea – the head of the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology Ms Anda Ikauniece will speak. Mr Kaspars Vendelis, cofounder of the movement as well as organizer of the first biohacking conference in the Baltics, will explain how to live till 120 years.
In the end of discussion, the kokle player Laima Jansone with the help from DJ Monsta will add a quite new contemporary dimension to this traditional Latvian music instrument.