In 2017, the Latvian Institute has coordinated more than 80 foreign media visits in Latvia, introducing with the Centenary of Latvia programme, history and development of various sectors.


During the year we have organised media visits from many European countries, e.g., Germany, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Portugal, France, and United Kingdom. LI’s Centenary Media programme was started in May with journalists from Lithuania and Estonia, with the main focus on Latgale region and 4th of May celebration. One of the most significant visits was the first media delegation from the Republic of Korea, whose core interest was the development of Latvia’s economy, relations with Russia and culture. LI has also been more active in attracting journalists with the main focus on culture: Latvian books, museums, concert offers. More and more journalists are interested in our startup scene and innovations.


LI’s Centenary Media programme will continue next year, which is the actual year when Latvia turns 100. More on the programme you can read here.