At the “Christmas in Europe” exhibition in the Danish Poster Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, the design objects of the Latvian artists Ausma Spalviņa and Ieva Krūmiņa can be seen.


The exhibition “Christmas in Europe” compliments the European Christmas traditions of 33 countries, stressing the similarities and differences in cultures and the Winter Solstice celebrations.


Latvian Institute, in support of this initiative, has sent to Museum several Latvian Christmas decorations for the display.  A. Spalviņa, honouring the Latvian winter traditions and the Latvia’s upcoming centenary, made a kinetic interior object called “puzuris”. This puzuris consists of one hundred triangles and is made of the traditional material – straws. It is one of the most ancient Latvian winter decorations, used well before the Christmas tree. I.Krūmiņa, representing the skills of Latvian contemporary artists, created fussed glass design objects – birds.


Photo credits: The Danish Poster Museum