As of July 1, 2019, the Latvian Institute has a new director – Ms. Vita Timermane-Moora.


The long-standing diplomat has been entrusted with the leadership of LI to ensure change management and prepare the Institute for its transformation into a public foundation. The change in the status of the Latvian Institute will make it possible to strengthen the organisation’s autonomy, speed up decision-making and attract funding effectively.


Until now, Vita served as Counsellor at the Strategic Communications Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coordinating the public diplomacy programme for the Latvian Centenary. She has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1998, including postings to the Embassy of Latvia in Belgium, the Latvian Embassy in France and the Permanent Delegation to UNESCO. She has overseen large-scale international public diplomacy projects in France, Belgium and Luxembourg (“Ettonnante Lettonie”, “French Spring”, “Latvian Presidency Cultural Programme”, the “Amber Vein” thematic division of Riga 2014 etc.), and has coordinated several EU communication projects in Latvia, e.g., “The European Union Garden Festival”. Vita is a recipient of the Order of Arts and Letters of France, and, before joining the diplomatic service, she was a professional musician.