"Latvia. The Greenovative Country" fact sheet published

"Latvia. The Greenovative Country" fact sheet published

In honour of the Centenary of Latvia, the Latvian Institute has published a new fact sheet with the title "Latvia. The Greenovative Country".


The new fact sheet gives an overall insight into the Latvian society, its characteristic lifestyle, roots and traditions, at the same time also emphasizing the spirit for innovation and creativity. The term “greenovative” – the combination of words “green” and “innovative” – nicely illustrates the desired course of development in Latvia and the society: the closeness to nature and ability to get inspired by it, as well as the tendency to look for ever new, modern and sustainable solutions, becoming an important hotspot for start-ups in Europe. “According to entrepreneurs, students and experts, it is exactly this greenovative and creativity aspect that attracts them to our Latvia,” says Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.


The factsheet is available online here. For the printed versions, please contact us at info@li.lv.


Latvia will plant Trees of Happiness for the next generations

The largest volunteer movement in Latvia, LIELĀ TALKA (The Big Clean-up) encourages everyone to participate in World Clean-up Day by planting a tree. World Clean-up Day will be held in 150 countries all over the world on 15 September 2018.


In Latvia – a country that is celebrating a hundred years of its statehood in 2018 – the message from the people will be unambiguous: we are planting “Trees of Happiness” for the health and well-being of our Latvia and the entire planet. World Clean-up Day will start in New Zealand at 10:00 AM local time and will pursue the Sun throughout the day, covering all 24 time zones and ending on the Hawaiian Islands. This will be the biggest joint action for the cleaning of nature in human history.


“Pollution, against which Latvia fights rather successfully, is a problem that the whole world faces, and therefore great support and attention is required from the worldwide community in order to do the impossible – to clean up the entire planet. The Big Cleanup calls for everyone who will take part in this joint action to express their love and care for Latvia’s next centenary, the future generations and our sustainability. Therefore the people of Latvia are invited to sow and plant a “Tree of Happiness”, giving an example of how to heal the environment, and create a new tradition in Latvia – a Tree of Happiness for everyone,” says Vita Jaunzeme, Leader of the Big Clean-up. The initiative will be supported by diaspora organisations, inviting the people of Latvia to support World Clean-up Day anywhere in the world.


A special map has been created (http://talkas.lv/laimes-koki/) where the participants can mark the place where a seed or sapling has been planted and leave congratulations for Latvia and the world for the next 100 years. All local governments, schools, kindergartens, non-governmental institutions, friend groups and also individuals are welcome to participate.


“In this World Clean-up project, we are sharing Latvia’s know-how and vision with the world as we continue our path to sustainability and being a clean country. The combination of green and innovative – greenovative – gives us extra stimulus to continue smart development and create initiatives for sustainability and innovation in Latvia, while also giving our share to the international community. According to entrepreneurs, students and experts, it is exactly this greenovative and creativity aspect that attracts them to our Latvia,” says Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.


How do I participate?

• Prepare a seed of the tree to be sown or find a sapling;

• Plant it on 15 September of this year;

• Take a photo, record a video and send it to the Big Cleanup;

• Mark the location where you have sown or planted it on the map of Latvia;

• Use the hashtag #LielāTalka, #stādāmnākotni and publish it on the social networks.


A special place for tree planting on 15 September (11 AM) in Latvia, will be the grounds of Purvītis Museum, house “Vecjauži” near Zaube in Ogre Parish. Vilhelms Purvītis was a famous Latvian artist, the rector of the Latvian Academy of Arts and from the beginning of the 20th century till the 2nd World War, he was a recognised symbolist in Europe, well-exhibited in many countries and capitals, and considered a “fashion” painter in tsarist Russia.

A symbolic name – “Let’s breathe in Purvītis” – has been chosen for this event, where young Latvian artists and other enthusiasts will help to landscape the surroundings of Purvītis’ native house and plant the seeds of the historical Purvītis’ family apple-trees, thus symbolically planting the idea of the internationally recognised museum and youth arts centre to be created there in the upcoming years.


Everyone is invited to participate.


More information:


Aiva Rozenberga, aiva.rozenberga@li.lv, + 371 29462451

For more about World Clean-up Day see here.


Photo: Rojs Maizītis, Delfi


Diaspora schools invited to send greeting cards to seniors in Latvia

Diaspora schools invited to send greeting cards to seniors in Latvia

In honour of Latvia’s Centenary on November 18, the Latvian Institute is inviting the diaspora schools to prepare and send special greeting cards in the form of Latvian traditional mittens for the seniors who live in social care centres in Latvia.


For the third year in a row, the Latvian Institute is inviting the diaspora schools to participate in this special project seeking to strengthen links between generations. The idea is to send handmade greeting cards for elderly residents of social care centres in Latvia, thus bringing happiness into the lives of the seniors and strengthening the sense of belonging to Latvia among the children who took part.


This year, to greet the seniors in Latvia’s Centenary on November 18, the diaspora schools are invited to make greeting cards in the form of Latvian traditional mittens, exploring the patterns and combinations of colours our ancestors have used from generation to generation in hand-knitting.


Diaspora schools that are interested to participate are welcome to inform the Latvian Institute till September 5, 2018, via info@li.lv. The greeting cards will be distributed from mid-October till mid-November, and during the Patriotic Week (November 11-18) the Latvian Institute will organize a special event at one of the social care centres in Latvia to hand the seniors the greeting cards in a festive ceremony.


Latvian Institute to participate in public debate forum in Finland

Latvian Institute to participate in public debate forum in Finland

Together with the Embassy of Latvia in Finland, on July 19 the Latvian Institute will participate in the Suomi Areena public debate forum in Pori, Finland. Our theme of the day – the Centenary of Latvia and a new “Greenovative” vision for the development of the country.

Together with Latvian Institute, three very interesting lecturers will climb the stage to explain how the concept applies to their work. Mr Talis Juhna, the Vice-Rector for Research and innovation leader at Riga Technical University as well as the head of the Green Technology incubator board will explain how the universities can participate in the development of green innovations. About innovative approach to environment – and especially the Baltic Sea – the head of the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology Ms Anda Ikauniece will speak. Mr Kaspars Vendelis, cofounder of the biohacking.lv movement as well as organizer of the first biohacking conference in the Baltics, will explain how to live till 120 years.
In the end of discussion, the kokle player Laima Jansone with the help from DJ Monsta will add a quite new contemporary dimension to this traditional Latvian music instrument.